Here are some general questions that we hear a lot. If your answer has not been answered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Regarding Brain Engineering Labs and Dr. Florance

At Brain Engineering Labs we create programs based on a 5-step training program that helps bring visual and verbal brain functions into balance.

The children’s program is a failure-free, family-friendly program that kids love. Dr. Florance develops individualized programs that teach attention, memory, listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Your work with Brain Engineering starts at home, and is subsequently transferred to school and social settings.

In the children’s program, you work with your child on fun exercises that start as simple picture games and work up to reading, writing, and speaking. We provide the conceptual background and the tools you need to do the work; you have fun training your child.

In the adult programs, you may work seminar-style, on your own with guidance from Dr. Florance, or a bit of both. Our adult programs help sharpen and retain brain functionality, help those who need to perform better on standardized tests and help executives perform and communicate better in the workplace.

Dr Florance meets with you in her multi-media video conferencing center where you can see and hear each other.  She will administer 3 tests.

1. eBrain Analysis of Risk- 50 symptoms that profile a visual thinker with a communication disorder
2. Visual Family Tree: How many people in the family have visual jobs?
3. Communication Circle: what are your top 3 goals and how can we reach them.

When appropriate a second session is schedule to do objective measures of brain function which can be done from ages 18 months to adult. We use ipad apps and other metrics to measure visual versus verbal abilities.

Dr. Florance has a dual doctorate in speech/hearing science and psychology from The Ohio State University. She earned the coveted career development award from the National Institute of Health on Brain Engineering, the world’s premier medical research institute on the brain. She’s had over 30 years of clinical experience and did 12 years of research for U.S. governmental agencies, including the U.S. Office of Education, the U.S. Bureau of Education for the Handicapped, and the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. For more information click here.

Thousands, all over the world.

Brain Engineering is a synthesis of several disciplines. It is a very sub-specialized field that crosses disciplines. The expertise Dr. Florance brings to the table is based on the national and international preferred practice patterns that have been established by experts in many fields.

Regarding the Program

If you fill out the form on our website to receive free materials, we will add you to our email list to receive notices about webinars and news of current interest. Frequently, we offer a free webinar for new parents, “Introduction to Brain Engineering”.

Dr. Florance has custom built a multi-media classroom with brain simulators so you can experience how your and your child’s brains are working.

In her classroom, you can see each other, Dr. Florance can work directly with your child, you can watch demonstration videos, draw pictures, revise training materials, and save recordings of the sessions.

Yes, standardized tests first depend heavily on verbal instructions, and later depend heavily on reading and comprehending thoroughly and quickly. Our programs prepare your child to process verbal instructions quickly and accurately as well as for peak reading comprehension.

Regarding the Visual Brain (Maverick Mind)

A Maverick Mind is a highly visual thinker, someone whose visual brain is so strong that it can overwhelm verbal functions. Sometimes, Mavericks are completely non-verbal, leading them to be misdiagnosed with autism, mental retardation, Asperger’s syndrome, oppositional defiant disorder, and similar conditions.

Other times, a Maverick is able to speak but has difficulty with verbal tasks, such as listening to instructions or taking notes and tests. At the same time, they might excel at visual tasks, such as putting together a puzzle or playing video games.

There are some excellent predictors that can tell us whether your child is a Maverick. In our initial evaluation, Dr. Florance uses three proven testing instruments to determine whether your child can benefit from a Brain Engineering Labs program. If you believe your child is more capable than he or she is able to demonstrate, especially if you think your child has been misdiagnosed with autism or a similar condition, we invite you to register now for a free initial consultation.

The fight between the visual and verbal brain systems causes the symptoms. The visual system is overwhelming the verbal brain system. The brain starts to prune the system that doesn’t work, literally destroying the part that is weak. So what begins to occur is that the brain destroys its own ability to function. In Brain Engineering, we turn the visual and verbal from an enemy relationship into a partnership. That is the beginning of having the two systems working side by side.

Visual brain functions work differently from verbal brain functions. The visual functions are faster, some say up to 20,000 times faster, than the verbal. The visual thinker tends to arrive at “the big picture” very quickly. But this speed of processing is antagonistic to the much slower pace of verbal processing. To communicate verbally, it’s necessary to order thoughts, words, and sentences in the proper sequence. When the very quick visual brain and the slower verbal brain cannot keep pace with one another, erratic thinking and communication develop, which can lead to behavior problems, anxiety, frustration, or withdrawal.

The Doctor Brain program

During the course of Dr. Florance’s practice, she has trained many doctors and medical students. The vast majority of doctors are highly visual “mavericks.” However, sometimes they run into difficulty communicating with other professionals and non-professionals. Many med students run into this same problem when taking their “boards”. Our “Doctor Brain” program uses the doctors’ highly visual minds to enhance their brains verbal functioning. This allows them to excel in areas that they found difficult before.

In the evaluation, we examine three key areas. First, do you have at least 50% of the symptoms? Secondly, how many strong visual brains are there in the family tree? Thirdly, do your goals for a 4-week training program match Dr. Florance’s?