The Brain Engineering Labs Program

At Brain Engineering Labs we create programs based on a 5-step training program that helps bring visual and verbal brain functions into balance.

Our children’s program is a failure-free, family-friendly program that kids love. we develop an individualized program that focuses on the child’s symptoms, interests, and strengths. The training teaches attention, memory, listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Your work with Brain Engineering starts at home, and is subsequently transferred to school and social settings.

  • We conduct in-person sessions as well as live, interactive virtual sessions

  • The training is fun

  • The program is family-friendly

  • Start with four-week intensive,  then we re-evaluate needs

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We Work With Children & Adults

Each program is custom designed and revised, as often as daily, by Dr. Florance.  She selects the clients who will benefit the most, and works with you in her live video multi-media conferencing center and in a dynamic personalized website that she creates for each family.

Child Program

In the children’s program, Dr. Florance designs a customized platform for your child. We’ll begin by focusing on attention and memory, and then transfer to language processing skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing. Dr. Florance provides the conceptual background and the tools you need, as well as her on-going guidance. You will have fun training your child, and seeing on-going results with their academic successes.

Adult Program

Our adult program is for superior visual thinkers such as doctors, engineers and CEOs who need to improve verbal attention, memory and language processing. Many are excellent in hands-on work but need help passing board or bar exams. We also work with college students who need help with lecture-based learning.

Is this Autism Treatment?

Many clients come to Brain Engineering Labs looking for autism treatment or autism therapy. The visual thinker, with a communication disorder, can have many very obvious symptoms that look similar to autism. At our first appointment, we discuss goals to see if ‘improved communication’ falls into the top three. Most of our clients are affectionate and bond with their families, but are frustrated that they can’t communicate.  If you think that your child is autistic but you feel that improved communication would help, then give us a call.

Where Are They Today?

Our clients are all from visual families and ​most have been diagnosed as having Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder or ad Multi-Handicapped.

​After working with Brain Engineering Labs, our clients have impressive accomplishments, including:

  • Annapolis Naval Academy​ Grad​
  • Harvard Law
  • Fashion Design College Graduate

  • Chemical Engineer

  • George Lucas Film Animator, Master’s Degree In Art

  • Surgeon, OSU

  • Manufacturing Engineer, Ford Motor

  • Award Winning Tennis Coach and Teacher

  • Advisor to School Superintendents, Master’s In Education

  • Million Dollar Home Builder with College Degree in Business

  • Design/Architect, Associated Artists

  • Physician Assistant in Surgery ​UNC

  • George Washington University Law

  • Rehabilitation Physician University of Pittsburgh

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a dual doctorate in speech/hearing science and psychology from The Ohio State University. In 1978, I earned the coveted career development award from the National Institute of Health on Brain Engineering, the world’s premier medical research institute on the brain. I’ve had over 30 years of clinical experience and did 12 years of research for U.S. governmental agencies, including the U.S. Office of Education, the U.S. Bureau of Education for the Handicapped, and the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare.
I have worked with and helped Thousands of people, both children and adults, all over the world.
We examine where your child’s brain strengths lie. The stronger these areas are, the greater your child’s potential. We begin by strengthening your child’s greatest talents. That is one reason why the kids think this program is so much fun. We start with the things they enjoy most and move to reach peak potential first.
Yes, standardized tests first depend heavily on verbal instructions, and later depend heavily on reading and comprehending thoroughly and quickly. Our programs prepare your child to process verbal instructions quickly and accurately as well as for peak reading comprehension.
If you fill out the form on our contact page, we will add you to our email list to receive notices about webinars and news of current interest. I also offer a free webinar for new parents, introducing you to Brain Engineering and our materials.
If you spend 15 minutes three times a week, you should see weekly results. If you spend time every day, you should see daily results. The criteria are that you and your child are happy and having fun, and your child is getting at least 80% of the answers right. If that’s happening, you can go longer. Most of the children demand more training because it feels good, it’s failure-free, and they’re getting the solution to the problem they know they’ve been experiencing.
Everyone starts with a four-week intensive, and then we re-evaluate your child’s needs based on his or her progress.
In the evaluation, we examine three key areas. First, do you have at least 50% of the symptoms? Secondly, how many strong visual brains are there in the family tree? Thirdly, do your goals for a 4-week training program match mine?

Video Collection & Testimonials

“Give her a call and listen to what she has to say. And believe that it can happen to you… Change your family in a short amount of time.”

Mother of Visual Thinker

“I finally had someone who truly understood. Quite honestly, had I not met Dr. Florance, I would probably not be in my Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation residency.”

Medical Student

“We have our life back. Dr. Florance gave us all hope.”

Father of Visual Thinker

What makes Brain Engineering Labs different?

  • Our #1 goal is improved communication

  • We work with people all over the globe

  • Dr. Florance specializes in working ONLY with high visuals in the family tree
  • We work with children who like visual activities

  • We tailor our child programs to their comfort and ability zone

  • We select children who have indicators that they can make daily progress

  • Our programs create life-long benefits

  • Children and adults have the same 50 symptoms of the Maverick Mind (Visual Thinker)

  • We help visual medical students with verbal attention-memory & processing problems become symptom free

  • We use best-practice standards from The National Institutes of Health; The U.S. office of Ed; The U.S. Bureau of Ed for the Handicapped; The American Speech-Language and Hearing Assoc; and The Rehab Services Commission – ALL agencies who have hired Dr. Florance as consultant

  • Dr. Florance is the mother of a Maverick AND a doctor

Dr. Florance understands you and your challenges first hand.

Dr. Florance is not only a Brain Science expert. She is also the mother of Whitney, a visual thinker (Maverick) who she successfully trained.

Watch their touching story now